Here is a link to the Texas Manual on Rainwater Harvesting which was created by the Texas Water Developement Board. This manual goes into the subject in depth.  On page 76 is a description of the ferrocement cistern based system that we build for the Sunset Canyon Pottery Studio.  A photo of the cistern can be found on page 19 of the manual.

The Austin Green Building Programs Sustainable Building Sourcebook provides a simpler overview of rainwater harvesting.

The Austin Environmental Directory written by our colleague and dear friend Paul Robbins has in-depth information on many topics including sustainable building and water.

Hays County has a rainwater harvesting incentive program which offers a $100 reimbursement for fees connected to new development and more importantly provides a reduction in property taxes equal to the cost of construction of the the harvesting system.  Here is a link to the basic outline and the application form

Wateraid has put together a nice technical brief called Rainwater Harvesting which is focused on systems which can provide good water to area of poverty.  There are some very nice graphics and photos in this 12 page manual.  (hat tip to

Here is a link to the website of the Environmental Working Group which maintains a database on public water.  So if you are interested in the details about the water coming out of your tap then follow this link:  What’s in your water? to search by zip code and water company.

If you just can’t get enough water news, then this link to all the water news from Environmental Health News is for you.

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